photograph of teens at the saturday program

The Saturday Youth Skills Program provides social and recreational services to legally blind children ages 6 through 13 and is offered one Saturday per month at our headquarters in midtown Manhattan. The children participate in a variety of group activities in both classroom and community settings. Activities include creative writing, creative arts, drama, table games, friendship groups, adaptive physical education, neighborhood walks and community field trips.

A professional staff member is assigned as the teacher for each program activity and volunteers are assigned to assist the teacher in each program area. No child is "left behind" due to a lack of staff and/or supported assistance and all children are encouraged to take advantage of all that this program has to offer.

The program takes place October through May and transportation is provided in the five boroughs with the exception of Staten Island. Children from Staten Island or counties outside of NYC may still attend the program but must be escorted to and from the premises.



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