Students of the Music School—of all ages-- were showing their support and commitment to the Lighthouse through singing, playing and demonstrating their own fundraising skills. Initiated by the Music School Student Council in 2007, the Performathon raised more than $5,000 to support the School that they all enjoy and believe in. Dr. Leslie Jones, Executive Director of the Music School, raved, “It’s so wonderful to see the students themselves go out and bring in much needed dollars to help our School thrive and grow. It’s a testament to the quality and joy of learning that all involved feel about their musical education at the Lighthouse. I could not be prouder of our students.” Highlights of the day included performances by the Children’s Chorus and Instrumental Ensemble, individual instrumentalists and singers—adults, teens and children--and the Vocal Ensemble.

The Music School is also proud to announce that their own student, nine year old Matthew Whitaker, performed and will be a featured performer at the Apollo Theater’s “Amateur Night Presents Child Stars of Tomorrow: Best of the Best!” on Saturday, December 11th. Matthew won first and second place during his appearances at the Apollo Theater. Born three months premature weighing 1 pound, 11 ounces and blind, Matthew is a truly gifted musician. Matthew participates in the full Comprehensive Music Program for Young People, which includes for Matthew--Kids’ Percussion Ensemble; various jazz trios/quartets; Braille music; and Music Technology, and has attended the Lighthouse Music school since the age of five.

Thank you to all who performed and supported their efforts.



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