A Guide for People with Vision Loss

cover of bookletWhether you live in an apartment or a house, in the suburbs or in the city, your home should be a place in which you always feel safe.

But for many of the 314 million people world wide who are visually impaired, that is not always the case.

With that in mind, the low vision experts at Lighthouse International have created a national campaign through an unrestricted educational grant from Genentech, Inc., to promote safety, independence, and accessibility in the home. This campaign entails not only the online content you are currently viewing, but also a printed kit, filled with useful information and products, many of which are described here.

In this section you will find the following:

Demonstration Videos: These short videos demonstrate techniques, adaptive products and recommendations to make food preparation safer and easier when you have a vision problem.

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Online Lessons: Taking you step by step through the techniques discussed in the demonstration videos, these interactive lessons provide guidance and advice on how to make your kitchen a safer place.

Articles on:

And much more! Use this section's menu to explore all of our useful tips and information.

These materials are meant to get you started -- they are not intended to take the place of the specialized services provided by vision rehabilitation professionals. To learn more about Lighthouse's low vision services or to schedule an appointment, call (800) 829-0500.

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