Results of the Lighthouse National Survey on Vision Loss (The Lighthouse Inc., 1995) indicated that there is great fear and limited knowledge about vision loss and aging among middle aged and older adults:

  • Only 43% of respondents correctly identified the following statement as false: "All older people will become visually impaired as part of the normal aging process". Forty three percent believed it was true and 14% did not know.
  • 71% of Americans age 45 and older fear being blind more than being deaf; 76% fear blindness more than having to use a wheel chair; and 70% fear blindness more than losing a limb. Only 41% fear blindness more than having a mental or emotional illness.
  • 26% of people without a visual impairment report fear when meeting a person with a visual impairment, feeling "what's happened to them might happen to you."



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