Impact of Impaired Vision

  • Based on findings from the Lighthouse National Survey on Vision Loss, one-half of all people with impaired vision age 45 and older report that their vision problem interferes to some degree with what they want to do in their daily lives (The Lighthouse Inc., 1995).

Other survey findings:

  • 24% reported that their vision problem causes at least some difficulty managing daily household tasks
  • 18% reported some difficulty getting to places outside the home because of a vision problem
  • 38% reported at least some interference with their leisure activities

Activity Limitation:

  • Visual impairment has been identified as one of the four most significant contributors to lost independence among older Americans (Alliance for Aging Research, 1999).
  • Blindness in both eyes causes activity limitation for 332,000 people and visual impairment in both eyes limits 527,000 people (LaPlante & Carlson, 1996, p. 18).
  • Considering all the conditions reported to cause activity limitation, vision impairment (blindness and low vision) ranks 8th, limiting the activities of 1.3 million (LaPlante & Carlson, 1996, p.43).



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