October 2009: Scientific American
“Tasting the Light: Device Lets the Visually Impaired “See” With Their Tongues”
Neuroscientist…hypothesized in the 1960s that "we see with our brains not our eyes." Now, a new device…aims to partially restore the experience of vision…by relying on the nerves on the tongue's surface to send light signals to the brain.

William Seiple, research director at…Lighthouse International… works with four patients…once a week and notes that his patients have learned how to quickly…read letters and numbers, and pick out cups and forks at the dinner table without having to fumble around.

Read “Tasting the Light: Device Lets the Visually Impaired “See” With Their Tongues”.

September 26, 2009: New York Times - “Burst of Technology Helps Blind to See”
“Blindness first began creeping up on Barbara Campbell…and by her late 30s, her eye disease had stolen what was left of her sight.

Now, as part of a striking experiment,…she can detect burners on her stove…her mirror frame, and whether her computer monitor is on.

She is beginning an intensive three-year research project involving electrodes surgically implanted in her eye, a camera on the bridge of her nose and a video processor strapped to her waist. “

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September 2, 2009: Opthalmology Times
“Art Exhibit Focuses On Macular Degeneration”
“To mark the global observance of AMD…Week, Lighthouse International and AMD Alliance International (AMDAI)…host an exhibit of the works of London-based portrait artist Adam Hahn, whose paintings illustrate how patients with AMD see the world.

The exhibit of about 15 portraits will open Sept. 17 at Lighthouse International,…in New York City.”

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Brainport screen grabAugust 5, 2009, WNYW-TV / Fox 5 News: “Tech Helping the Blind See”

Lighthouse International Vice President of Research, Bill Seiple explains how the Brainport, a lollipop like device worn on the tongue, helps the blind see. The device has a hand-held control and a camera mounted on a pair of sunglasses. The camera then takes a picture of the area in front of the subject, digitizing the image and converting it into small electrical current stimulating and vibrating on the tongue. Seiple shows how with extensive training, blind individuals can see an outline of what is front of them.

July 19, 2009: The New York Times
”Better Vision, With a Telescope Inside the Eye”
“A tiny glass telescope, the size of a pea, has been successfully implanted in the eyes of people with severely damaged retinas, helping them to read, watch television and better see familiar faces.

The new device is for people with an irreversible, advanced form of macular degeneration in which a blind spot develops in the central vision of both eyes.”

For the whole article visit: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/07/19/business/19novel.html

July 13, 2009: Good Morning America
”Preschool Teaches Blind and Sighted Together”

gma screen grab

View the full Good Morning America segment on ABC.com

"Iliana and Lulu's simple camaraderie, perhaps uncommon at most schools, is normal at the Lighthouse International preschool in New York City, where several blind students are taught alongside sighted students.

The school is part of Lighthouse International's nonprofit mission to prevent blindness and to provide services for those already living with visual impairment."

Read the text of the Good Morning America segment here.

"I think it's outstanding if people who haven't seen before can now perceive a written or drawn shape or letter on a piece of paper. That's something they could never do," says Seiple.
Lighthouse International has set up real-world environments, like a kitchen, where subjects can test the limits of the device." Visit NY1.com to view the video segment on Brainport.

Pre School graduation capture from FOX TVJune 19, 2009, WNYW-TV / Fox 5 News, “Lighthouse International – Preschool Graduation”

Students from the Lighthouse International Child Development Center graduate from the integrated pre-school program alongside their sighted and non-sighted peers.

June 15, 2009: People Magazine
”Shared Vision – Kids Who Can See and Those Who Can’t Learn to Look Beyond Their Differences in a Special Preschool”
“At the Lighthouse Child Development Center,…Lulu Kenworthy picks a yellow trike, but rather than speeding away, she waits patiently [for] Iliana Mejia…Their teacher…[says], “To them this is like any other school.” Except…Iliana needs the sound of the other kids’ voices to help her estimate the distance to the finish line.” Read the full People article.

May 18, 2009: Publishers Weekly
”Large Print Finds Its Mark”
"By next year, as many as 20 million Americans will report a visual impairment, according to Lighthouse International, a nonprofit dedicated to preserving vision and to helping people overcome the difficulties of vision loss. For these people—as well as for younger or more sharp-eyed types who prefer their cookbooks, treadmill reading or reference material with large print—accessibility to large type will determine whether and how much is read." Continue reading “Large Print Finds Its Mark”

May 11, 2009, WNYW-TV / Good Day New York, “Posh Sale for Lighthouse International”

FOX at Posh saleWNYW's Anne Craig visits Lighthouse International for their annual POSH Sale. She gets an exclusive peek into the sale before hand and speaks to American Vogue’s and Lighthouse International POSH Honoree Hamish Bowles about the new and gently worn designer clothing, shoes, and accessories for women, men and children offered at the sale.

April 24, 2009, WNYW-TV / Good Day New York,“Lighthouse International POSH Designer Sale”

The ladies of WNYW’s Good Day New York enjoy a day of guilt free shopping at Lighthouse International’s POSH Fashion Sale; benefiting the visually impaired. Rosanna Scotto along with Anne Craig, Julie Chang, Heather Nauert, Ines Rosales and even Greg Kelly shop the POSH Sale for some outfits to wear the POSH Public Service Announcement!

March 31, 2009: Reuters
”Lighthouse International Expands Vision Health Services for All New Yorkers”
Responding to the growing number of New Yorkers who will need vision services, Lighthouse International, the 104-year-old trusted leader in vision health, opened VisionMax today, a comprehensive new vision healthcare center for all New Yorkers. VisionMax offers complete vision exams, prescriptions, contact lenses, designer frames and sunglasses as well as prevention and educational information.

January 24, 2009: NY1
”NYer Of The Week: Volunteers Shares Tips, Advice With Blind Customers”

ny1 screen grab

"Roth began to lose her vision 18 years ago, and ever since has been compiling information about products and services for those who have problems with their sight. She says she started volunteering at the store six years ago to help others just as Lighthouse has helped her. ..." Continue reading NYer of the Week, and view the online video.



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