Managing patients with vision impairments requires a broad knowledge base. Here you'll find information on low vision care, new technologies and procedures, and more.

Integrating Low Vision into Your Practice »

Discusses issues that each practitioner should consider when establishing low vision services and provides tools to asses the services in your community to which you may refer patients with low vision to supplement the care you provide.

Who Can Benefit from Assistive Technology »

What is assistive technology? This article will answer that question as well as educate you on which technologies will benefit which types of vision loss the most.

Low Vision and Depression »

It is not unusual for providers of low vision care to witness depression among their patients. Here's how to notice the signs - and what you can do to help.

When Driving is Not an Option: Breaking the News »

Losing the ability to drive can be a major life event, and telling a patient they should no longer be doing so can be difficult.



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