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Flex VRA: Flexible Vision Rehabilitation Assistant Training
Flex VRA is a unique online and mentored training course designed to prepare paraprofessionals to assist vision rehabilitation professionals in the areas of vision rehabilitation therapy, orientation and mobility and low vision care.

Easy-to-Use Courseware
Innovative technology and an easy reading level make the Flex VRA program accessible to everyone, even people with minimal computer experience. Flex VRA includes 37 easy-to-follow interactive lessons. A flexible learning tool, it features helpful graphics, directed mentor activities, a glossary, and activities that reinforce skill development. The courseware is compatible with screen reader software, making it accessible to users with impaired vision.

Benefits of Flex VRA:

  • Saves Training Time: The same comprehensive curriculum, if taught face-to-face, could take your professional staff over 380 hours, reducing the time they have to serve consumers.
  • Increases Return on Your Investment: Online training is cost-efficient, and maximizes staff effectiveness. Having a Flex-trained, multi-skilled VRA on your staff extends the reach of your professionals.
  • Has Built-in Flexibility: VRA students can learn from home -- or anywhere they have access to a computer. Mentors can follow student progress easily. And built-in prompts alert mentors when students are ready for assistance.
  • Provides a Generous Timeframe for Course Completion: Registrants have access to Flex VRA courseware and mentor utilities for 300 days.

Tuition: $1500 for the 37 course program, per student (Approximately $40/course)

Availability: On demand for 10 months from registration. Participants will receive a certificate of completion upon successful completion of the online course and mentor activities.

For more information, contact us at 212-821-9485 or education@lighthouse.org.

Here's What Users Are Saying About Flex VRA

"It was so much easier to access training from the computer; tests were great and having a supervisor on-site was great." -- student

"There is a definite need for more people in this profession and [there are] not enough schools that offer this course." -- mentor, Olmsted Center for the Visually Impaired

"[Flex VRA] helped prepare me for, and reinforce, the areas that I needed to work on, so that I could work with a client ... more professionally." -- student

"I found the program to be comprehensive and informative, and a good training tool." -- mentor, ABVI Goodwill

"[Flex VRA is] cost-effective. The student can learn from home, doesn't have to expend travel time, and has time-of-day flexibility so it's also time-effective." -- mentor, Glens Falls Association for the Blind

"One of our students developed teaching skills that she originally thought were beyond her capabilities." -- mentor, Lighthouse International

The development of Flex VRA has been funded by: The New York Community Trust, The Allene Reuss Memorial Trust, the Lavelle Fund for the Blind, Inc., and NEC Foundation of America.



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