Double Up 4 Vision 24 Hour Relay

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On Friday, October 22nd, six teams consisting of one visually impaired stoker and one sighted pilot will be participating in the 24 hour, five borough cycling relay to kick off Double Up 4 Vision.

Team 1: Caitlin Sarubbi (Stoker) & Jaime Sarubbi (Pilot)
Read Caitlin's Bio
Time: 10:00 AM Location: Lighthouse International (New York, NY)

Team 2: Rebecca Alexander (Stoker) & Caroline Kaczor (Pilot)
Read Rebecca's Bio
Time: 2:00 PM Location: FDNY Engine 273/Ladder 129 (Queens, NY)

Team 3: Clark Rachfel (Stoker) & Mark Lucas (Pilot)
Read Clark's Bio
Time: 6:00 PM Location: FDNY Engine 220/Ladder 122 (Brooklyn, NY)

Team 4: Suleiman Rifai (Stoker) & Adam Lichtenstein (Pilot)
Read Suleiman's Bio
Time: 10:00 PM Location: FDNY Engine 245/Ladder 161 (Brooklyn, NY)

Team 5: Peter Slatin (Stoker) & Stephen Pearlman (Pilot)
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Time: 2:00 AM Location: FDNY Engine 4/Ladder 15 (New York, NY)

Team 6: Artie Elefant (Stoker) & Mark Carhart (Pilot)
Read Artie's Bio
Time: 6:00 AM Location:FDNY Engine 22/Ladder 13 (New York, NY)



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